Welcome to Rouxled,

where science meets luxury to deliver high-quality skincare solutions tailored for individuals who appreciate excellence in their beauty regimen. Founded by Alexandria Wright, a Black-owned and woman-owned enterprise, our brand is rooted in a commitment to crafting scientifically-backed formulations that prioritize both efficacy and indulgence.

Driven by a passion for skincare and a dedication to inclusivity, Alexandria embarked on a journey to create a skincare line that caters to diverse skin types and concerns while celebrating the beauty of melanin-rich skin. Drawing upon her background in the spa industry and fueled by a desire to challenge industry norms, she set out to redefine standards in skincare by merging cutting-edge scientific research with the finest ingredients nature has to offer.

At Rouxled, we believe that everyone deserves access to skincare products that not only enhance their natural beauty but also nourish and protect their skin. Our meticulously curated formulations undergo rigorous testing to ensure efficacy, safety, and compatibility with all skin types, making them suitable for even the most discerning skincare connoisseurs.

We understand that skincare is not one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer a range of products designed to address a variety of skincare needs, from a hydrating serum and revitalizing mask to potent anti-aging treatments. Each product is thoughtfully crafted with precision and care, utilizing clinically-proven ingredients that deliver visible results without compromising on quality or integrity.

At Rouxled, we are more than just a skincare brand; we are a community of individuals who share a passion for beauty, science, and empowerment. We are committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity within the beauty industry, and we strive to create products that inspire confidence and celebrate the unique beauty of every individual.

Join us on our journey to elevate your skincare routine to new heights with Rouxled. Experience the intersection of science and luxury, and discover the transformative power of high-quality skincare crafted with care and expertise.